Zipline – 7 runs including 3 tandem

Posted November 2nd, 2010 by Info Desk

By popular demand we have added two more tandem lines to our 7-run Zip Line Course. These runs have two parallel lines so two people can zip at the same time.  A little competition in who can zip the fastest is great fun. Kids have a super time racing a parent or sibling.

2 Responses to “Zipline – 7 runs including 3 tandem”

  1. Ginger & Jerry Foust

    Three of us recently experienced these ziplines and they were great. We have “zipped” many times, in many different locations and we had a good time at Paani Ranch. The crew was fun and very safety conscious. We have recommended Panni Ranch to the guests in our Kona Condo.


  2. bossman

    Thanks for choosing Pa’ani Ranch and we will see you again. Aloha

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