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Pa’ani Ranch & ATV Adventures Conforms To ACCT Zipline Industry Standards – Zipline Safety Aspects

The zipline course at Pa’ani Ranch has been built to meet or exceed standards of ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology). The ACCT is an organization founded in 1993, committed to promoting the use of challenge course technology and to setting the minimum standards for challenge course installation, operation, and inspection. In July of 2006 ACCT was awarded accredited status by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). ANSI accredits standards setting organizations as well as the standards they set. Membership with ACCT (or a similar accredited organization) and passing inspection certificate is required to obtain insurance for the operation of a zipline course.

Donald Pascual, the founder of Pa’ani Ranch & ATV Adventures is a member of ACCT.

The Pa’ani Ranch zipline course was inspected and certified by qualified inspectors prior to opening in February of 2009.

Ongoing inspections by quality inspectors are conducted annually and prior to the opening of additional lines.

Zipline equipment is inspected prior to every use.

Lines are installed on 22″ x 3/4″ web, steel I beams which have been cemented into solid rock at a depth of 8′. Tree mounted lines are secured on 3 to 6 foot diameter, well established tree trunks.

Lines are 1/2″ galvanized cables with a breaking strength of 28,000 pounds. At Pa’ani Ranch we do not exceed more than 5,500 pounds on any of our lines (based on a maximum of two people at a weight of 250 pounds each on the lines at any one time. Having two people on the a line at the same time would only occur in the event of a rider requiring rescue for whatever reason otherwise only one person is on a line at any given time.)

Our core staff have been trained and certified as zipline guides by a qualified instructor. Training is conducted regularly and as each new person joins our team. Guides are assigned to positions that best fit their qualifications and after they have demonstrated capability in the performance of duties related to zipline activities.

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